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Sicily holidays with children

Sicily holidays with children

A new thematic web space to accommodate and give tips to families who want to spend their holidays in Sicily.

Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche Provincia di Palermo

Palermo - new tourist information office

A new tourist information office in the heart of the city. The new office is located in rooms adjacent to the Museum of the Carabiniere. Via Principe di Belmonte 92 open: Monday to Friday 8: 30-14: 00 and 14: 30-19: 00 Saturday: 8: 30-14: 00 14: 30-18: 00


Golf in Sicily

For all those who love golf, Sicily offers different golf structures, that are located in different areas of the Island, in order to combine an holiday sport to the visit of this beautiful and enchanted island.

Palermo in classifica top 5 cittą per lo

Palermo fifth in the world rankings for the "Street food"

A recent ranking, prepared by the American social network Virtual Tourist, put Palermo in fifth place in the ranking of the best cities producing "street food" in the world. Bangkok is at the top, followed by Singapore, Menang and Marrakesh. Palermo is known for the richness of ancient popular recipes: arancini with meat or cheese, fritters, fried vegetables and "stigghiole".

Palazzo Branciforte - Palermo

Palazzo Branciforte - Palermo

Fondazione Banco di Sicilia is intended to make the historic building located in via Bara all'Olivella, in the heart of Palermo, a prestigious reference point in the cultural sicilian and national panorama. The restoration work, entrusted to the well-known architect Gae Aulenti, is concluded and it will be given back to the citizens, fully usable, as a cultural centre dedicated to the art and creativity. It will become one of the most beautiful and rich in history buildings of Palermo.


Trekking in Sicilia

Spring is a beautiful season for trekking in Sicily. Many environmental associations hiking island offer their calendars to experience the Sicilian mountains with guides fun and safe. A good opportunity to learn new environments and new friends, hiking, snowshoeing and more.

 Restored the Martorana church

Restored the "Martorana"

Reopened to the public after restoration, the church of St. Mary's, known as "Martorana" for its proximity to the convent of the same name in Piazza Bellini. Inside the wonderful Byzantine mosaics. An Arab traveler, Ibn Jubair, who visited it in 1184, called it "the most beautiful work that there is in the world." Today is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful religious buildings of Palermo and Sicily.

The Dancing Satyr returns to Mazara del Vallo

The Dancing Satyr returns to Mazara del Vallo

The famous bronze statue of a beautiful dancer of Dionysus, found in the spring of 1998 during a fishing trip in the Strait of Sicily, back to Mazara del Vallo after his long tour in London. On the occasion of his return, will be the presentation of the two cultural routes from the Museum to the city: "The contemporary work of Peter Consagra" in the center of Mazara del Vallo and "Archaeology of Islam."

villa Casale

Restoration of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina

Perhaps only the former owners had seen so beautiful and full of charm. It took five years of work, eighteen million and the work of fifty young surgical experts, but now that the restoration of the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina is finished, mosaics, plaster and every room of this heritage, return emotions, impressions, of a world that no longer exists but that Sicily has retained.

The Valley of the Temples

The Spectacle of Greater Greece in the Valley of the Temples

The most imposing monument, of the whole Greater Greece, is situated in an enchanted valley, with flowery almonds. The result of this admixture between the cultural background, created by man, and natural environment is the unrepeatable charm of this site. The Valley of the Temples is the most important witness of the ancient classical culture. It puts together God and Goddesses temples as well as the area of the necropolis.

Memories of Sicily, where our History began

Memories of Sicily, where our History began

"Arca dei Suoni" is a project aimed at the collection, sharing and preservation of sound documents related to the life and history of the local communities of Sicily. The core idea is to actively involve high schools and cultural associations in a network, in order to get them to record, upload and download audio(visual) files - after proper theoretical and practical training - through a dedicated platform so as to foster awareness of the citizens direct responsibility in the monitoring and protection of the Sicilian cultural heritage.




Main events in Sicily in the year

An overview of the events and shows taking place in the year in Sicily.

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