Friday, 28 January 2022
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Theatrical Events and Music

Theatre and Music Events open the culture season in the beginning of May and they are part of the cultural Sicilian tradition. Among them we remember  the classic performances of Siracusa, organized by the Dramma Antico Institute in the charming Greek temple, followed by a series of events like the International Young Classic Theatre Festival in Palazzolo Acreide. What is more we have to remember  the performances of the Teatro dei due Mari, classical performances that take place in theatres of Taormina, Tindari (Messina), Segesta (Trapani), and the new circuit of Teatri di Pietra which, enliven these minor archaeological sites (Palazzolo Acreide, Morgantina and so on) during summer time. From May to September the Festival Orestiadi of Gibellina (Trapani) comprises poetry, theatre, folk music with a particular attention to the new cultural and artistic expressions in the Mediterranean. The TaoArte festival takes place every summer at the Greek temple of Taormina and lasts till the end of October. The Womad Festival created by Peter Gabriel is all about folk music and it's a great opportunity for young artists to be known. Not to be missed is Morgana Festival (Palermo), a real representation of Sicilian Pupi. Opera, orchestral and contemporary music are celebrated inside the great Sicilian theatres. The Massimo as well as the Politeama, are very important theatres of Palermo, Catania has the Bellini theatre while Messina has the Vittorio Emanuele theatre. Over the last years new theatrical reviews have been established. An example is the Luglio Musicale in Trapani as well as the Etna Fest starting from Catania. In November in the beautiful Arab-Norman cathedral of Monreale takes place the so called Settimana di Musica Sacra (Holy Music Week).