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Our sea and islands

The Egadi Islands

This small archipelago stretches on the sea in front of Trapani and Marsala, it is formed by three bigger islands such as: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo and  the islet of Formica. The Egadi islands, close to the sicilian coast, offer to visitors an "easy travel", with the serenity and peace of the countryside of Trapani. It is easy to reach, visitors can take ferries or hydrofoils ( 20 min. are needed in order to reach Favignana by hydrofoil, while an hour is needed to reach Marettimo).  Different offers of accomodation can be found from hotels, for more exigent tourists, to  bed&breakfast and private houses to camping structures. The islands have different personalities, Favignana is quite confortable and "family size", Levanzo has the charm of its soft minimalism and Marettimo is for people who love trekking. These three islands are linked by a satisfying relation with the mediterranean environment.


Favignana, the biggest of the three islands, is also the one with the best accommodation facilities. The little village, all gathered around the harbour, still has some buildings of a certain value, like the little mansion of the Florios and some small Baroque churches. Its name is indissolubly linked to the tuna fish. Here, indeed, there is the biggest tuna processingstation in the Mediterranean, which, decisive for the island's economy for centuries, is once again picking up now. You can easily get anywhere on the island on a bicycle, as it is rather flat. It is largely tufa rock, which has always been used in building. Along the paths deep quarries open up, partly hewn out by man, and partly caused by sinking of friable rock; they are surrounded and covered by low bushes. The coasts, rich in crannies, little bays and grottoes, are bathed by a clear turquoise sea with splendid reflections.


Levanzo is known above all for the Genoans' grotto, which conserves decorations and graffiti considered the most interesting in Italy. On the walls the accurate hand of an unknown artist of 10.000-15.000 years ago traced out men, women and children, animals and fish, thus handing down to us an unknown ancient world. One should also not miss the natural beauties of the island, which has nothing to envy to her sisters.


Marettimo, the furthest from the Sicilian coast, is perhaps for this very reason the most unspoilt, but also the most different. Mountainous, unlike the other two, it hides in the bowels of its caves freshwater springs, and it is covered with incredibly luxuriant spontaneous vegetation, partly consisting of very rare or even unique plants. In the tiny white village the accommodation is at the homes of fishermen, from whom one can hire a boat to go round the island, which is absolutely the most interesting excursion, since it makes it easy to discover the most inaccessible beauties of the coast, above all the grottoes. Among the latter, we have to mention the cave of the Cammello (camel), Bombarda and Presepe (crib) grottoes, with stupendous and unrivalled colours.

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