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Our sea and islands


Cala Rossa Roberto Cusenza

Favignana, the biggest of the three islands, is also the one with the best accommodation facilities. The little village, all gathered around the harbour, still has some buildings of a certain value, like the little mansion of the Florios and some small Baroque churches. Its name is indissolubly linked to the tuna fish. Here, indeed, there is the biggest tuna processingstation in the Mediterranean, which, decisive for the island's economy for centuries, is once again picking up now. You can easily get anywhere on the island on a bicycle, as it is rather flat. It is largely tufa rock, which has always been used in building. Along the paths deep quarries open up, partly hewn out by man, and partly caused by sinking of friable rock; they are surrounded and covered by low bushes. The coasts, rich in crannies, little bays and grottoes, are bathed by a clear turquoise sea with splendid reflections.

Ph. Cala Rossa by Roberto Cusenza

1^ edizione della Mostra Malacologia
1st  edition of the exhibit of malacology takes place at the "Casa Museo Matteo Sercia " via Caligarsia n. 10 Favignana. This no-profit istitution, of cultural and didactic nature, exposes an amazing collections of shells that come from all over the world, and what is more different terrestrial shells, corals, gorgonians, crustaceans and echinoderms. The collection is characterized even by a section dedicated to skeletons of fishes and stuffed fishes, and it represents a scientific tool, useful, in order to allow to compare different species of shells.