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Sicilian gastronomy

The Routes of Wine

If 3 is the perfect number, 3 are also the vertex in which Sicily is enclosed, but 7 is the number of Creation... and the number of the wine routes in Sicily. So 7 are the extraordinary itineraries that lead to the discovering of a country blessed by the sun. Its fertile ground generated, together with many classical myths, an extraordinary agriculture that can be expressed by one of its most appreciated product in the world: the wine. Starting from Palermo, following the way of the Monreale DOC, that is 16.000 hectares of vineyards where the Catarratto is sure the king. The DOC produced by these hills are the Contea di Sclafani, the Contessa Entellina and the Monreale, whose name sure remember the nice little Norman town with its very famous Cathedral. The Alcamo doc route stretches towards west, including the DOC of Erice and Marsala (Terre d'Occidente and Val di Mazara). Trapani is one of the provinces with more vineyards in Italy. Following the curve that leads to the bank of the Canale di Sicilia, here is the Strada del Vino Terre Sicane, in the province of Agrigento, where the oenological culture could be esteemed as one of the most important activities for the economy of that area. The DOC are also those ones of Santa Margherita di Belýce, Sambuca di Sicilia, Menfi and Contessa Entellina. Going inside the heart of the island, you can get the Strada del Vino dei Castelli Nisseni, where the famous Nero d'Avola vine is situated together with the archaeological area of Morgantina, Piazza Armerina and Sperlinga with its beautiful castle. The DOC is that one of Riesi. As famous as the Nero nisseno, the Cerasuolo di Vittoria signs the Strada del Vino del Val di Noto, with the baroque capitals of Noto and Modica, just to say a couple. Syracuse is a real enchantment, above all if you "taste" it together with the homonymous Moscato. To close the scenery of the south east Sicilian vertex we have to remember the Etna, whose wine route leads to the slopes of the volcano. It's a special climate, a fertile ground made by fire and lava for the unique vines as the Carricante, white and endemic.  From the hard volcanic ground to the sweet slope of the Aeolian island. To finish the oenological tour with the wine routes of Messina. The DOC of Faro or the new one of Mamertino go with the unmistakable taste of Malvasia, a sweet wine warm and full of passion as Sicily is.