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The Spectacle of Greater Greece in the Valley of the Temples

The most imposing monument, of the whole Greater Greece, is situated in an enchanted valley, with flowery almonds. The result of this admixture between the cultural background, created by man, and natural environment is the unrepeatable charm of this site.
The Valley of the Temples is the most important witness of the ancient classical culture. It puts together God and Goddesses temples as well as the area of the necropolis.

Il Tempio di Giunone.
The Temple of Giunone Lacinia - Its name, as the one of the nearby Temple of Concordia, is conventional (the result of a mistake made with the temple of Hera in Crotone) but it is interesting to think that this temple, located on a cliff, on the summit east of the magic hill, could have given hospitality to the cult of the Goddess of fertility. Traces of fire still visibles on the cell wall, remind us the accursed 406 B. C. when even this magnificent temple, quite similar to the Concordia one, was destroyed by Carthaginians. Close to this area a huge altar, used for sacrifices, can be seen.
Il tempio di Ercole
The Temple of Eracle (Hercules) - is the most ancient temple, The God was revered with particular attention by the Akragantinians. Inside the temple there was a bronze statue representing Hercules that was loved as a national hero. The temple was destroyed by an earthquake, today eight columns are what remains of this temple.
The Temple of Castore and Polluce - the legendary twins were born from the union of the queen of Sparta with Zeus. The temple as become the symbol of the city of Agrigento, four columns are what remains of the temple.
The Temple of Concordia - is located along the Sacred path, it was built during the fifth century. During the sixth century it was transformed in a sacred site. The name Concordia is linked to a latin inscription that was found near the temple.
The Temple of Zeus - was built to thank God Zeus for the victory of the Agrigentini on the Carthaginians in 480 B. C. Here telamoni (huge statues with human shape) can be found.
The Temple of Vulcano - was built on the fifth century and had to be a huge structure. In its foundations the remains of an archaic small temple were found.
The Temple of Esculapio - was built outside the ancient walls of the city, it was a place of pilgrinage of people, suffering for different diseases, that did these pilgrinages in order to ask to be healed. The temple walls were covered with words that had been written by people who were healed.
The Tomb of Terone - nearby the Porta Aurora, a huge monument of tufaceous stone, that has a pyramidal shape, was built in order to remember the second Punic war.