Thursday, 30 June 2022
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Timeless Island


Nowhere did so many people come together, love one another, fight against each other or just tolerate each other as in Sicily. Eyes, that are so clear in colour seeming almost transparent, peeping out under crow-black hair, words of Arabic origin interweaving with French terms, clear-cut Hellenic geometries seen side by side with Baroque curls and voluptuous art nouveau curves, are the result of all this, and Palermo, the capital, is the ripest fruit of a composite past. A past that for Palermo means slender Punic columns, red Islamic cupolas, gardens and water courses, boastful noble mansions and monumental churches, viceroys and saints. It was founded by the Phoenicians on the seashore almost 3000 years ago, and it seems that at that time its name was Ziz, "flower&rdquo.